How To Survive Finals Week At Reformation Bible College


As I prepare to graduate from RBC in a couple of months, I’m looking back on my time at school, and thinking about all the things that I’ve learned and all the good times that I’ve had here. In this process I brought to mind some of the more practical things I’ve learned, including how to handle exam preparations and exams week at the end of each semester. I thought it might be wise to share this information with others for the sake of the rest of RBC’s student body, as well as any future or potential incoming freshmen.

1. Before reading week even begins, resign yourself to the fact that you will not end the semester with a 4.0. Temper those expectations early.

2. Take regular breaks during exam prep to stretch, drink some water, and cry in fear of your upcoming exams.

3. Take regular breaks during your exams to cry now that you realize your fears were correct and are coming to full fruition.

4. If you have an exam in one of the languages, just quit now. Just leave. Go build a hut on an island somewhere and live off of the island vegetation while enjoying your already translated ESV. It’s for your own good.

5. As you prepare for one of Dr. Dunson’s New Testament exams, take heart. Nobody can really remember all the information he’s asked you to memorize, and maybe he’ll forget it too while he grades your exam. Probably not, but it’s your only chance, really.

6. When you take Dr. Sproul’s philosophy exams, make Arrested Development references in your essays. They might distract him from how little you actually know.

7. When you hand in one of Dr. Denlinger’s exams back to him, the stack of paper will probably be taller than he is. That’s okay, he expects it to be that way.

These seven tips will help any student to get through the difficult and nearly impossible week that is exams week at Reformation Bible College. If you can think of any other good ones, feel free to leave them in the comments section and we can add them to the list.



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