Episode 34: “Christianity & Libertarianism” with Campbell Sproul

I did an interview thing.

RE2: The Resurrection and The Revolution Podcast - Exploring Christianity & Politics


Campbell Sproul joins us to discuss theology and politics:

02:18 – Present and future plans.
03:54 – The journey of becoming a libertarian.
06:50 – What was it like growing up in the Sproul family?
08:45 – Responding to Al Mohler’s comments about whether a Christian should be a libertarian.
15:32 – Responding to Al Mohler’s comments regarding government legislation of morality
19:34 – The Left/Right Paradigm
22:13 – Romans 13 and submission to authority
26:15 – Critical thinking among Christians
28:59 – Church authority vs government authority
30:30 – Thoughts on education
37:12 – Theological exposure & shifts
38:26 – Is professional sports a distraction & divisive?
42:43 – Thoughts on eschatology & the future

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