Obligatory Thanksgiving List

Given that today is Thanksgiving, I haven’t had new content since Sunday, and lists are easy, I’m doing a list of things I’m thankful for and why. 

1) People. At their best, people are family, friends, and companions. At their worst, they’re something fun to laugh at. The good ones are the ones we love. The bad ones are the ones we at least get to laugh at.

2) The church. You can’t have Christ without His bride. You also can’t have many holidays and feasts throughout the year without the church, which brings us to item #3:

3) The liturgical calendar. I, as an American evangelical have long ignored and spurned the liturgical calendar. I am now incredibly sorry for that. It is truly a blessing and an enriching reminder of all that God has done for us, not only on specific holidays or feast days, but throughout the whole year. 

4)  Vice Friday. While this week’s day of vice (consumption of horribly unhealthy but delicious foods) will be on Thursday rather than Friday, Friday night is now my second favorite time of the week, behind only Sunday. On Friday nights, all the rules which I normally follow stringently in relation to diet go out the window, and I feast, engorging myself on whatever my heart desires. God bless Vice Friday. 

5) The internet. It’s simultaneously capable of being a great tool and a great entertainer. 

6) The Psalms. Never has any individual piece of art, nor any collection of art stirred and calmed my soul like the Psalms. There is no comparison.

7) C.S. Lewis. Although nothing compares to the Psalms, Lewis gets closer than anyone else. 

8) Barbells. They are manly, fun, and an incredible tool for getting insanely strong if used consistently over long periods of time. 

9) Coffee. If we’re going to have a psychoactive drug that’s socially acceptable, it should at least taste good, a-men?

10) Beef. How many amazing ways can one cook beef and have it be delicious? It would be easier to list the bad ways to cook beef. Mmm, beef. 

11) Singing. The human voice is truly the most beautiful of all musical instruments (except when wielded by Miley Cyrus, but whatever).


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